I am Tin

I am Tin and I am a woman – a rough one. I like the sky, the sunrise and the sunset. I like the stars and the beauty they create during the darkest nights. I like happiness and the magic it brings to my life. I like laughter and sincere companionship. I like butterflies except those that rumble in my stomach whenever I get the weirdest feeling about love. I like good food cooked by my Mama and gummy bears. I like ice cream when it’s Rocky Road. I like Fast and the Furious, So Close, Memoirs of a Geisha, Naked Weapon, James Bond, Kingsman, Transporter, Face – off, RED, and all the secret spy and high tension movies. I also like Donald Duck, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and Big Foot. I like my blue running shoes and the Mizuno brand. I like plain shirts and shorts. I am emotional yet stiff. I like flowers, long stemmed that is,  specially when simply bundled with a little ribbon. I like the beach and its serenity. I like afternoon massages. I like my hair cut short and pixie. I like the thought about angels and fairies. I like travelling to unexplored natural places. I like looking into the eyes of the people that I meet. I like sports and the crazy crowd that goes with it. I like the church and my religion. I like kind, and intelligent people. I like simple thoughts and basic wisdom. I like silence and peace. I like Lambanog and Tequila. I like Isaw and Gulaman. I like the wind and its freshness. I like blue and pink and orange. I like how Nutella blends with banana. I like flats and pumps and stilettos. I like the camera and the awkward feeling it carries as the smile freezes. I like the smell and taste of coffee shared with a couple of good old friends. I like George and Amal Clooney, they’re a smart couple. I like my ugly crooked toes. I like fish crackers and cookies. I like spicy noodles and dimsum. I like Select siopao, the one that you get from the Shell gasoline station’s grocery. I like cars and their engines. I like my notebook and violet pen. I like the sun and its heat. I like my simple life. I like Eat, Pray, and Love and the Tao of Pooh. I like balloons, the flying, colourful ones. I also like lanterns lit by the beach. I like the Musketeers, both the chocolate brand and the movie. I like overlooking sights in the metro. Most of all, I like what I am and the scars and healing wounds that I have. I am Tin and I am a woman – a tough one.




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