“Na-ano” Ko Lang

You are not in the position to say if the secretary has not been offended or not, because you are not her and will never be like her. You are not worthy of the right to say that “there should be no fuss about it,” because you were the one who started it and you can’t just stop it. You know that you have daughters who are solo parents and are separated, but still you were able to pull – off that “just on the lighter side” interjection and that misplaced noon-time show kind of “street language” as a comment. I’m wondering if you have referred to them as “na –ano lang” type of women when they’ve decided to concentrate all their courage to raise their children and family without a spouse simply because they felt seemingly intoxicated in their own relationships.


What you did was obviously contradictory to your mother’s advocacy to protect and respect women – better if you have not mentioned anything about it. You are a senator but you acted as a noon – time entertainment show host, and you were not even entertaining. It was a thoughtless and impertinent remark to all women who dauntlessly  and relentlessly embraced all the challenges that came in their way just to provide a decent life for their children. Women who are “na –ano lang” are struggling every single day to be all at the same time a mother and father, an extensively more capable sibling, and a caring daughter to her aged and sickly parents. Yesterday was no different. From hand to mouth, these “na – ano lang” women tirelessly make a living while you sat there comfortably in the senate board room and insulted a representative of these incomparably hardworking and thinking “na -ano lang” sector who know their purpose and execute their extraordinary life duties with iron balls.


No, you are not the last person to disrespect a woman because you have already done it several times and again. People have been watching you. Documents have been written. You do not have any right to insult and make fun of any body especially those of whose life you know nothing about.