For Whatever It’s Worth

For whatever it’s worth, I’d like to let you know how much you mean to me. IT has been a beautiful journey with you, no matter how short it was. I am truly grateful for having you in my life and I know I’d never find another one exactly as you. You are so special. I have never met a man so complete as you. I wanted to be with you to love you and take care of you for the rest of my life, but it wasn’t for us. All I can give you are my intangible treasures while you can actually have whatever it is that you desire. I felt that you didn’t need me, nor did you want to let me stay in your life. Nevertheless, I have given you the best that I can and all that I can offer. I may not be rich to provide you material happiness, but I feel that I have given you more of myself and that of my family. I have shared with you the mystery of my being -that deepest part of myself that no one has gone to, but then again, I felt that it wasn’t enough and it wasn’t what you need.

So I am writing this now, to let go of my hopes and my fears. We might be better off without each other. I pray for your happiness and your success in everything you do. I’d be working on myself too. Thank you for making me realise how important is self – worth and how the material things compensate for the missing areas of someone’s real achievement and triumph in life. I am most grateful for  having experienced the best relationship feeling and the greatest heartbreak that someone can cause me. Amidst this, remember that I have loved you ever since and I will continue doing so until my heart beats.


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