Too Emotional

It gets confusing sometimes when certain people get too concerned about you and your life then suddenly bend their statements and appear like they’re all just dealing about business, moreover emphasizes that you need to shape up and be professional. It wrecks the stability of someone who doesn’t want to enjoin in a certain “emotional support group” and being forced to it just so it could pave way for better interaction and understanding, but when things start to shake the ones who forced you to express your emotions will mock you for your reactions. I can’t even get into the bottom of my issues and here they are trying to make me feel supported and understood but recalls the faults I’ve made and all the help they gave. After they were able to get through my weakness and made me believe I could trust them, they humiliate me in front of others. Is this how you care and show your concern? Humiliate? I am no great person, I may not contribute significantly, but I deserve to keep my dignity.

Thanks for the experience and learning, but as much as I am paid well, I am not owned and I have not sold my self and my soul. I ain’t gonna give up, I’ll keep pushing, and I’ll be triumphant.


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