Food is an important part of Filipino culture, so much so that it is customary to greet someone with “have you eaten yet?” instead of “how are you?” Eating and eating out are favorite Filipino pastimes. A typical Filipino diet may consist of up to six meals a day: breakfast, snacks, lunch, merienda (afternoon snack), dinner, and snacks before bed. And central to every Filipino gathering is a bountiful selection of food. Food becomes an expression of hospitality and friendship — so the more food available, the more “love” is expressed.



I have friends and friends of friends who are under attack. They are currently battling with the most dangerous foe called “self.” I am pretty sure I have been in the same situation before, and in as much as I would want to, I would like to kill the “self” so I can just live happily without worrying, fearing, or extremely becoming apathetic. It is just so unfortunate that this desire to end the struggle between reality and inner reality isn’t materializing anytime soon. There are a lot of other annoying dominoes that does not only inflict fall but also magically, in a very surprising manner multiplies irritability. This is why instead of conquering the weird feeling of being directionless, the more everything becomes complicated.

Depression is not an issue for now but in the long run, it might be. I can only pass through this road once, I can turn back but I’d lose more. I can not cross the same river twice and so I’m taking my time to feel every step and create the clear picture of what I am journeying through so that when I wake up tomorrow, I can lead myself to the sweet victory of conquering the “self” and its unknown allies.